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Design Jet Plotter Service: Regular plotter repair / service will help to maintain your printing equipments. We can provide same-day on site plotter service in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County in Southern California

We stock HP DesignJet plotter parts and service kits for the following: Design Jet 430, 450C, 500, 500PS, 1055CM, 1050c, 750C, 800, 800ps, 1050c, 5000 & 5500 and all other Design Jet Plotter Models.

Onsite Printer Services carry all major HP Designjet plotter printer parts including Media deflectors, end roller-feed, back platen, media sensor, formatter, LAN card, spittoon, electronics module, power supply, san-axis motor assembly, cutter assembly encoder holder, cutter bushing, cutter guide bracket, drive roller encoder sensor, trailing cable, ink supply station, interconnect PCA, service station, print platen, interconnect cable, ink supply tubes, vacuum fan, pinch-arm, belt, fork idler, idle pulley, encoder strip, carriage assembly, paper-axis motor and driver roller gear assemblies.

Onsite Printer Service repair , service and fix all your HP Design Jet Plotter. This includes installing drivers, network cards, broken belt replacement with orginal hp belt, carriage paper jam error or failing with a numerical error codes. We are specialists in the repair of the older and newer Hewlett-Packard DesignJet plotters like the HP DesignJet 700, HP DesignJet 750, HP DesignJet 750C,HP DesignJet 750CM, HP DesignJet 500, HP DesignJet 800, HP DesignJet 1050, HP DesignJet 1050C, HP DesignJet 1050CM, HP DesignJet 2000, HP DesignJet 2500, HP DesignJet 3000, HP DesignJet 3500, and HP DesignJet 3800.

HP Plotter Designjet Maintenance, Belts and Cleaning Stations

HP Designjet Plotters are designed for many years of reliable service as long as you perform based maintenance repair on a regular basis.

The most basic maintenance is the cleaning and lubrication of your Designjet printer unit. All HP Designjets use liquid ink cartridges. The ink over time will thicken and cause problems is not maintained. First, always check you designjet plotter belt for wear. Worm or frayed carriage drive belts is the number one cause of HP designjet plotter repairs and errors. Check the belt frequently for cuts, nicks or frayed areas. Also, check the inside of your machine for small black rubber pieces that almost looks like dirt particles. If you see any rubber pieces, frayed parts of the belt or thinning of the belt them replaced the plotter belt. Broken HP designjet belts or excessive worn belts could damage your carriage assembly and even cause the failure of the electronic module is the belt actually snaps during usage. Both the carriage assembly and the electronic modules are VERY VERY expensive to repair!

The next HP designjet maintenance is the lubrication of the bar that the carriage assembly slides on. Do not use conductive lubricant of the plotter. One of the best lubricates is Super Lube which is a Teflon based lubricant. DO not over lubricate the bar. Only a very small amount is needed for the HP designjet repair maintenance.

Finally, on some HP designjet models you can do maintenance on the cleaning station. this entails removing old thickened inks deposits. Be careful not to damage the unit. If you need further assistant or have questions concerning repairing and maintaining HP designjet plotters.

HP DesignJet Plotter Belt Replacement Service

The most common reason we are called out to repair an HP DesignJet is to replace a carriage belt that has failed, usually due to wear, slippage or breakage. You might see a message on the display such as: “switch power off check printhead path”, “switch power off check printhead path 2” or “System Error 86:01” Or you might get paper jams or just see dark colored crumbs under the lid from where the belt has perished.

Don’t panic… We offer a DesignJet Belt Replacement Service at your location which includes HP DesignJet belt kit and plotter cleaning.

On-Site Repair ” Service on HP DesignJet Plotter includes:

  • Cleaning of Carriage Assembly
  • Cleaning of Carriage Rails
  • Carriage Rails lubricated
  • Cleaning of Drive Roller
  • Encoder checked
  • Large and Small Idlers checked
  • All Belts checked
  • Platen cleaned
  • Clean of Exterior
  • Print Quality Test Printout
  1. Print heads have 200 microscopic nozzles firing ink droplets so fine that it forms an aerosol mist. Some of this ink mist is suspended above the paper and with each carriage pass is pulled into the finer workings of the Design Jet, depositing a thin layer of ink throughout.
  2. Print Carriage contamination provides positional errors (leading to banding, missing, jagged lines, missing characters and distortion of the drawing). Wear over time will also result in print heads not seating correctly.
  3. Encoder Strip and Encoder Sensor contamination provides positional errors (also leading to banding, missing, jagged lines, missing characters and distortion of the drawing).
  4. Optical Sensor contamination leads to upsetting the color balance and causing paper edge detection problems.
  5. Carriage Belt contamination leads to increased friction in the print carriage bearings and causes the belt to fragment and eventually snap. Belt replacement requires a full strip-down of the Designjet.
  6. Carriage Motor this part incurs further stress when the slide rails are contaminated with fragments of belt and paper dust ,which in turn impacts its lifespan.
  7. Slide Rail contamination from ink spray, paper dust and carriage belt fragments leads to increased friction on the Y axis, impacting the lifespan of the Carriage Motor. This slide rail needs regular lubrication.
  8. Tubes Assembly is a maintenance kit item which carries ink to the print heads. They suffer from stress fractures due to the constant bending with each carriage movement pass. Such fractures can be picked up during a service visit. If undetected, high pressure ink will be sprayed inside the internal workings of the machine – requiring a full engineering strip-down (best case scenario) or replacement electronics module and other contaminated parts (worst case scenario).
  9. Service Station acts as a Spittoon area (it cleans off the print heads and acts as a cap to prevent the print heads from drying out). After a while the spittoons become contaminated and ink will begin to overflow, often dripping down the right hand side of the machine onto the floor/carpet . These stains are difficult to remove.
HP Design Jet Plotter Models HP Design Jet Plotter Model Number
HP DesignJet 1050C Plotter Repair C6074A | C6074AR
HP DesignJet 1050C Plus Repair C6074B | C6074BR
DesignJet 1055 CM Repair C6075A | C6075AR
HP DesignJet 1055CM Plus Repair C6075B | C6075BR
HP DesignJet 430 Repair (D-Size) C4713A | C4713AR
HP DesignJet 430 Repair (E-Size) C4714A | C4714AR
HP DesignJet 450C Repair (D-size) C4715A | C4715AR | C6086A
HP DesignJet 450C Repair (E-size) C4716A | C4716AR
DesignJet 455CA Repair (D-size C6080A | C6080AR
DesignJet 455CA Repair (E-size) C6081A | C6081AR
HP DesignJet 500 Repair (24-inch) C7769B | C7769BR
HP DesignJet 500 Repair (42-inch) C7770B | C7770BR
HP DesignJet 5000 Repair (42-inch) C6090A/AR/V | C6091A/AR/V
HP Design Jet 5000 Repair (60-inch) C6095A/AR/V | C6096A/AR/V
HP DesignJet 500PS Repair C7769C/CR | C7770C/CR
HP Design Jet 5500 Repair (42-inch) Q1251A/AR/V | Q1252A/AR/V
HP DesignJet 5500 Repair (60-inch) Q1253A/AR/V | Q1254A/AR/V
HP Design Jet 700 Repair (24-inch) C4705B
HP DesignJet 700 Repair (36-inch) C4706B | C4706BR
HP Design Jet 700 Repair (D-size) C4705A
HP DesignJet 700 Repair (E-size) C4706A
HP DesignJet 750C Repair (D-size) C3195A
HP DJ 750C Plus Repair (24-inch) C4708B | C4708BR
HP DJ 750C Plus Repair (36-inch) C4709B | C4709BR
HP DJ 750C Repair Plus (D-size)* C4708A
HP DJ 750C Repair Plus (E-size)* C3196A | C4709A
DesignJet 755CM Repair (E-size)* C3198A | C3198B | C3198BR
HP DesignJet 800 Repair (24-inch) C7779B | C7779BR
HP DesignJet 800 Repair (42-inch) C7780B/BR | C7780C/CR
HP DesignJet 800PS Repair (24-inch) C7779C | C7779CR
HP DesignJet 4000 Repair (42-inch) Q1273A
HP DesignJet 4500 Repair (42-inch) Q1271A
HP DesignJet T610 Repair (24-inch) Q6711A
HP DesignJet T610 Repair (44-inch) Q6712A
HP DesignJet T620 Repair (24-inch) CK835A
HP DesignJet T1100 Repair (44-inch) Q6687A
HP DesignJet T1120 Repair (44-inch) CK839A
HP DesignJet T770 Repair (44-inch) CH539A
HP DesignJet T1200 Repair (24-inch) CQ653A
HP DesignJet Z2100 Repair (24-inch) (44-inch) Q6675A – Q6677A
HP DesignJet Z3100 Repair (24-inch) Q5669A
HP DesignJet Z3100 Repair (44-inch) Q6659A
HP DesignJet Z3200 Repair (24-inch) Q6718A
HP DesignJet Z3200 (44-inch) Q6718A
HP DesignJet Z6100 Repair (24-inch) Q6675A
HP DesignJet Z6100 Repair (44-inch) Q6652C

HP Designjet System Errors

system error 01:10 A problem with the Electronics module has occurred.
System error 01:11 The electronics module has detected a connection problem with the cooling fan.
System error 01:12 The EEROM is not configured correctly.
System error 01:13 A problem with the Electronics module has occurred.
System error 02:10 A problem has occurred with the carriage assembly
System error 02:13 A problem has occurred with the carriage assembly.
System error 03:10 A problem has occurred with the printers power supply.
System error 04:11 Jet direct network card not detected.
System error 05:09 (DJ 500 only) Formatter installed instead of HP-GL/2 accessory card.
System error 05:10 (DJ 800 only) Formatter card failure, or Formatter card not detected
System error 05:10 (DJ 500 only) HP-GL/2 accessory card failure
System error 06:03 (DJ 800 only) Hard disk error
System error 08:11 The front panel cannot be detected.
System error 11:11 The trailing cable is poorly connected
System error 11:13 Problem with setting the voltage of the printheads
System error 12:11 A short has been detected in the carriage assembly.
System Error 17:11 (DJ 500 only) A problem has been detected while initializing.
System error 21:10 A problem has been detected with the Service Station assembly.
System error 21:11 A problem has been detected with the Service Station assembly.
System error 22:10 A problem has been detected with the Ink Supply Station.
System error 41:10 A problem has been detected with the Paper-Axis motor
System error 41:13 An error in the paper-axis motor encoder quadrature has occurred.
System error 42:10 A problem has occurred with the Scan-Axis motor.
System error 43:10 A problem has occurred with the Vacuum fan.
System error 43:11 The Vacuum fan is not detected.
System error 55:11 A problem with the line sensor has occurred.
System error 56:10 Drive roller encoder sensor error.
System error 56:13 An error in the drive roller encoder sensor quadrature has occurred.
System error 61:04 Firmware error.
System error 61:05 The printer was not able to process a job that was sent.
System error 62:03 Parallel port communication problem
System error 63:03 LAN card communication problem.
System error 64:03 USB port communication problem.
System error 64:04 Firmware error (USB port).
System error 65:03 Generic input/output port communication problem.
System error 71:04 Problem allocating memory.
System error 71:06 Out of memory problem.
System error 72:04 Problem in the scan-axis (firmware error).
System error 73:04 Server error.
System error 79:04 Miscellaneous firmware error.
System error 81:01 Paper-axis shutdown.
System error 81:11 Paper-axis shutdown (during the paper advance test).
System error 85:10 Paper-axis shutdown (during the paper advance test).
System error 86:01 Carriage-Axis shutdown.
System error 86:11 Carriage-axis shutdown (during the carriage movement test).
System error 86:13 Carriage-Axis shutdown (firmware error).
System error 87:13 Unable to read the carriage encoder sensor.
System error 93:10 Ink System startup failed.

HP Designjet 500, 510 and 800 Series Printers – Cleaning the Printhead and Carriage Contacts

The printheads and/or printhead carriage contacts may gather foreign material that can cause continuity problems. This document provides instructions on how to properly clean the printhead and printhead carriage electrical contacts.

  1. Turn the printer off, then on
  2. Allow printer to complete initialization.
  3. Using the Down Arrow key, scroll to the Ink menu (ink drop icon) and press Enter .
  4. Scroll to Replace Printheads and press Enter .
  5. Open the top cover.
  6. Open the carriage cover and remove all printheads.
  7. Unplug the power cable from the printer.
  8. Clean the electrical contacts on the carriage and the printheads using a lint-free cloth (such as a coffee filter), lightly dampened with water.
    CAUTION: Do not clean the printhead nozzle plate. Doing so may cause permanent damage to the printhead.
  9. When the contacts are dry, reinstall the printheads and close the carriage cover.
  10. Close the top cover.
  11. Plug in the power cable, turn the printer on and attempt to verify functionality.

HP Designjet 5000 and 5500 Series Printers – Switch Power off, Check Printhead Path

The printhead carriage cannot move, or has difficulty moving freely. Common causes are obstructions in the carriage path, excess friction along the carriage path, worn or damaged Y-axis parts, and improperly installed ink supply tubes. Switch Power Off, Check Printhead Path (SPOCPHP) messages may appear with or without the numbers 1, 2, or 3 following it (troubleshoot all the same way).

Check Printhead Path 1, 2, or 3 details:

  • SPOCPHP (1) – Friction or excess speed shutdown
  • SPOCPHP (2) – Safety shutdown (carriage path is blocked)
  • SPOCPHP (3) – Friction slowdown of carriage

The steps below are designed to achieve remote resolution of the issue. If the troubleshooting steps below appear to resolve the issue, attempt to verify printer functionality by printing several internal prints. If the issue persists following the steps below, generate a CSO for service.

The steps below are designed to achieve remote resolution of the issue. If the troubleshooting steps below appear to resolve the issue, attempt to verify printer functionality by printing several internal prints. If the issue persists following the steps below, generate a CSO for service.

HP Designjet Plotter T Series/Z Series Printers – System Error Code 47:01

The System Error Code 47:01 on the HP DesignjetT610/T620/T1100/T1120/T1200/T770/T2300/T790/T1300 and Z2100/Z3100/Z3200/Z5200 Printer Series.

System Error Code 47:01 (or in some cases 47:10 or 47:03 ) indicates that a failure or problem with the starwheel Motor has been detected.